TOUCH OUR SANDWICH - This is old, but its still so awesome.

Welcome to Touch Our Sandwich!

Since the beginning, our goal has been to tame the turbulent world of internet humor, cuteness, and casual nonsense for the masses, especially the ladies. As we continue to grow, we can only hope that we’re doing a good job. Recently though, we’ve realized we’ve never explained the radical and pervasive change in society that was the creation of Touch Our Sandwich. So, here you go…

Drew and Clif recognized each others capacity for awesome early in their college careers. Naturally the next step was to find a medium to broadcast how awesome they were to the rest of the world. They spent months trying to find the key; but nothing did their awesome justice, not even those butt tattoos that they could press together and spell a word. One day as they were going through’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ issue, disappointed that they had been slighted for yet another year, inspiration struck.

They needed a website.


This is old, but its still so awesome.

This is old, but its still so awesome.